Mary Shaw

Ms. Mary began working part-time at The Children’s Corner in 2010 shortly after it moved to the new location in Roseland (right next to her house!). She stayed on as a full-time teacher after graduating from the College of New Jersey in 2011. Ms. Mary received her B.S. degree with a double major in Early Childhood Education and Gender Studies.

“No matter the age of my students, I try to nurture in them a love and wonder for learning and a desire to always know more, which will help them as they move to and through elementary school. I create a child-centered classroom, embracing each of my students’ unique personalities, needs, and interests to make sure they get the most out of all their days at school. I love connecting with each child in my class, helping them learn and watching the amazing ways that they change and grow throughout each year. I want them to leave my class not only knowing things like their numbers, letters and colors, but also how to be kind, caring friends and responsible learners. The most important thing is that my students come to school each day knowing that they are loved, welcomed, and safe – I believe all learning best follows after!”