Kaitlyn Taylor

Ms. Kaitlyn began working for The Children’s Corner in September 2012. Ms. Kaitlyn joined the team as an afternoon teacher for the 4-year-old classroom. By March 2013, she became a Group Teacher for the 18 month to two and a half year old classroom. She has her B.A. in Early Childhood Education with a P-3 certification from Montclair State University.

“My goal, as an educator, is to encourage a passion for learning in a creative and safe environment. As a class, we work to create a pleasant, nurturing atmosphere where everyone respects one another as a person and as a learner. Throughout the year, I take time to get to know my students in order to best support their learning. I take the children’s interests into account as I create lessons and introduce new topics. As the teacher, I want to give the children the necessary tools for both their academic and social development now and as they continue to grow. I am confident my students will walk away from my classroom with the skills and confidence to achieve greatness in the future.”