Jamie Taneja

Ms. Jamie began working for The Children’s Corner when it opened in 2004 as part of an education track program through West Orange High School. She obtained her B.A. in elementary Education in 2009 from Montclair State University and was appointed a Group Teacher. She is also certified in Middle School Mathematics and Early Childhood Education. She received her M.A. in Special Education in May 2012 from Montclair State University and was appointed Head Teacher in July 2012.

“As a teacher, I believe the role of education is to prepare students and help them understand the world around them. I create a strong bond with each one of my students, and there is nothing more rewarding than to see each one of them grow socially and emotionally throughout the academic school year. My education’s purpose is to provide students with the knowledge and information that will benefit them when they step outside the hallways of The Children’s Corner and proceed to their public school years.”