Jackie Loffredo

Ms. Jackie began working at The Children’s Corner as an afternoon teacher in 2014. She then became a morning group teacher in 2015. Ms. Jackie is currently an afternoon teacher again while she furthers her education at Montclair State University pursuing her career in Psychology.

“In my classroom, I create a caring, safe, and equitable environment in which all my kids can enjoy learning and playing happily while also having fun. From the moment I meet my kids, I immediately see potential. I believe it’s important to give as much positive support as I can, no matter how small of an achievement, as well as motivation to maintain their good work and confidence! My kids and I form a special bond throughout the year built by trust, friendship, love, and care that leaves me in tears at the end of the year when I’ve seen how much they have grown and have to let them move on. I understand that each child develops at their own pace and I am happy to give them a little extra practice to catch them up as well as help others advance. It is an amazing experience to watch my kids excel before my eyes, and an even more incredible feeling to help them learn and grow. I love my job, and I couldn’t be happier with what I do!”